electric cooker / for pasta / rice / egg
CVCS4EMU Officine Gullo



  • Power source:


  • Food:

    for pasta, rice, egg

  • Market:

    home, commercial


Electric pasta cooker for home and professional use with large capacity. Equipped with single tank GN1/1 with perforated stainless steel basket. Baskets come in various sizes and styles on request, in order to allow simultaneous cooking of different types of pasta. The stainless steel tank, and the drain valve for drainage of cooking water, simplify cleaning operations. Security in bowl by water presence sensor. Equipped with tap for water handling, spillway and floor drain. Ideal for the cooking of legumes, rice, eggs and vegetables. Officine Gullo offers you the chance to choose between the pasta cooker, the most commonly used tool, the steamer, excellent for cooking fish and vegetables, and the bain-marie, to cook food gently and indirectly.