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GLOBETROTTER OMD office of mobile design



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    for buildings open to the public

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    for special events

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Reviving the tradition of 17th-century, traveling Shakespearean troupes, OMD has designed a mobile, modular vehicle able to transform into a fully equipped theater on any relatively flat site.

Measuring 12 feet wide by 50 feet long by 14 feet high, the vehicle would be hitched to a typical truck cab. Once parked in its temporary location, it would be deployed to present a stage that is roughly the same size as the stage at the original Globe. Wing walls unfold from the sides to enliven acoustics, provide scenery surfaces and filmed actor close-ups, and support lighting. Backstage, six pneumatic blow-ups inflate to provide dressing rooms, a production office, and a ticket/concession spaceplus sleeping areas for the cast and crew. Along the interior spine of the vehicle are water closets, sinks, showers, and equipment racks.

Photovoltaic panels on the roof provide power for sound and lighting. One side of the vehicle contains three large LED screens, which would advertise the traveling troupe with scenes from previous performances while rolling down the road.

This cross-breeding of high theater and high camping would generate a carnival-like atmosphere and entertain a wide variety of changing audiences.