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A Haiku is a term created by the poet Shiki Masaoka (1867-1902); it is a very short and stylized form of Japanese poetry, characterized by a seasonal reference, mostly drawn from nature, represented by the juxtaposition of two images or ideas, separated by a cutting.
The name Haiku suits Omexcos new wallcovering collection very well, since it reads as a poem.
Paper strings on non-woven backing are combined with rayon textile warps and with plain non-woven wallcovering. A light pearlescent shimmer enhances all references.
The different materials in this collection make it possible to combine structures and matching colours, in order to create an interior setting full of variety whilst retaining a zen feel.
The colours are delicate and are graduated in very subtle shades touches of pearl grey and ivory alternate with golden straw and greige. Silver and fresh grey-green illuminate darker and deeper colours such as anthracite and bronze.
The wallcovering is supplied per running metre (no minimum order) Width 91/94 cm. All references have a good light resistance and an ecological certificate. Backing is non-woven, so installation is easy (glue on the wall, no humidifcation of the backing).


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