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The most precious yarns were selected for this collection of luxurious wallcovering : silk, horsehair and linen.


Horsehair is a fascinating fibre, which has for centuries been woven by craftsmen throughout the world. It has stood the test of time thanks to its natural beauty and durability. The undyed colours and specific texture of horsehair will bestow authentic luxury and prestige to your interior.


Flax, the plant used to make linen, is inherently ecological : it requires no irrigation, it is biodegradable, and every part of the plant has value. Belgian linen has a superior quality due to the unique climate and the expertise of many generations of weavers.


The most precious and luxurious natural fibre amongst all, silk, has been desired and treasured since ancient times. No other yarn equals the lustre, the lightness nor the delicate texture of silk, which thus remains a product of subtle refinement.

These different textile wallcoverings can be used separately or in combination. The bright and rich red, blue, purple, yellow of the silk are a perfect match for the natural undyed colours of the horsehair and for the linen yarns, which are available both in natural shades and in a few strong colours (copper, emerald, silver).

All products have an ecological label and are supplied per running metre no minimum order. The textile yarns are laminated on non-woven backing, which makes installation easy (glue on the wall, no need to humidify the backing). Width is 130 cm for the linen and the horsehair, and 97 cm for the silk items.


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