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The lotus flower is one of the popular designs in Art Nouveau, an art movement at the turn of the 20th century. Typical for this style are the decorative, curvy lines, floral ornaments and the lack of symmetry.

These style components are reflected in the printed non-woven wallcoverings of the Omexco collection Lotus. The printed designs are combined with matching plain linen warps and plain non-woven wallcovering embossed with metallic foil.

Matt and glossy effects are harmoniously alternated, in fresh white and turquoise shades, glossy silver, copper and platinum tones, natural beige and sandy colours, sunny orange, yellow and gold, cool grey and trendy violet.

The printed and embossed non-woven wallcoverings are washable, ecological, obtained most of the international norms for fire resistance, have a marine certificate and good lightfastness.

The linen warps are stain repellent, have a good lightfastness and are ecological.

All items are laminated on a non-woven backing and can be applied directly to the wall (glue directly to the wall, no need to humidify the back of the wallcovering). The wallcovering is sold by cut length (width 100 cm for the non-woven, 90 cm for the embossed non-woven, 91 cm for the linen warps).


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