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The wallcovering collection "Minerals" of Omexco consists of mica and glassbeads.

Mica or vermiculite is a mineral formed out of a chemical reaction between quartz and granite. Exposed to extreme heat, the mineral expands into worm-like pieces 2000 or even 3000 % of their original size, in a spectrum of brilliant colours. The characteristics of this mineral have been known in Japan for 6 centuries. Mica is also known as strange stone, breathing stone or miracle stone. After the mica has been heat-expanded, it is crushed into small pieces and stuck on a non-woven backing. Finally, the surface is coloured.

In the "Minerals" collection, different structures and variations of mica are combined : roughly cut mica, small mica, natural mica, mica mixed with recycled paper, mica embossed with metallic foil...

A few items of non-woven wallcovering with glass beads enhance the lustre of the mica references.

The material and the structure of both mica and glass beads allow sparkling shades of ice crystal, starry night, onyx, jade, aluminium, amethyst, mother-of-pearl, charoite, bronze, topaz, lapiz lazuli, copper, anthracite...

The wallcoverings have a non-woven backing, so instalation is easy (application of glue on the wall no humidifcation of the back). They are all ecological, and most items have a good fire rating (EU B S1 D0) . Width is 90, 91 or 92 cm.

All items are supplied cut length (no minimum order).


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