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Three different products are combined in this Omexco wallcovering collection :

* a printed non-woven wallcovering, 1 m wide, with a very resistant and washable coating. The non-woven wallcovering is ecological and carries the FSC label.
* glass beads strewn on a glossy non-woven backing.
* and, finally, the product which gave the name to the collection : a mixture of tiny mica particles, “mica sparkles”, and recycled paper.

The glass beads show three distinctive designs : a very strict geometrical design, a natural leaf/fern design, and an elegant and decorative arabesque.

Endless combinations are possible with these designs, the colours and structures of the non-woven wallcovering and the mica-eco paper wallcovering. The silvery shimmer of the mica-eco paper wallcovering brightens up the petrol blue, wine-colour, concrete grey, deep purple, anthracite, sand, ashen grey, burnt umber... shades of the non-woven and the glass beads. Some powerful accents of ochre, lime, tangerine have been added to boost the range of non-woven colours.


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