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For this new Omexco collection, which has been developed in cooperation with our Russian distributor, we have chosen the name of the famous river which is flowing through St Petersburg.

Classic designs (damasks, stripes, arabesques) are delicately printed on silky rayon yarns, and combined with a very elegant and timeless simili-plain.

The first colours in the book seem to have originated from the Neva river : blue-grey, misty haze – then the palette changes to tender cream, amber, pearl, topaz, taupe, jade – switch to majestic green and red – freeze in snowwhite and frost white – challenge in trendy purple and violet tones – warm up in bronze and caramel shades. Some items are enhanced by the metallic shimmer of yellow or white gold foil, platina or bronze – applied on the printed yarns by embossing.

The combination of beautiful classic designs with sophisticated printing and embossing techniques, as well as “up-to-date” colours, make the Neva collection irresistibly enchanting.

The textile warp-laid wallcovering has a good light resistance, meets the european fire rating, is ecological, obtained a marine certificate, is ecological, and has a stain repellent treatment. It is sold cut length (width 90 cm) – no minimum order required. Thanks to the non-woven backing, the installation is easy (glue on the wall, unnecessary to humidify the backing of the wallcovering). Custom colouring service is available upon request.


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