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    for interior


OmniDecor glass for doors is available in numerous variants: from the “basic” but still sophisticated DecorFlou® acid etched glass, to the DecorFlou® Design decorative glass and the DecorGem® coloured glass.

The softness of the etched surface of our glass for doors and the various texture options available adapt to every environment, both classical and modern, letting the light to be diffused and, at the same time, ensuring adequate privacy for the various needs.

The door is a dividing element but our decorative and acid etched glass allows communication between the two environments:

the DecorFlou® Classic or Reflecting acid etched glass lets the light through almost completely while keeping the internal environment from sight;

the beautiful patterns of the DecorFlou® Design decorative glass and the DecorFlou® Fade gradient glass offer numerous textures and patterns with varying degrees of opacity, according to the customer’s needs and tastes;

the DecorGem® back-enamelled glass, with etched or glossy surface, gives a touch of colour, thus making the glass doors an integral part of the furniture;

To give even more character to the glass door element, you can choose our specialty glass products DecorFlou® Gold, the reflective glass with gold shades, or the DecorFlou® Glossy reflecting glass in grey tones.