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    for interior


Our products will enable you to add value to your glass shower stalls with acid etched glass or decorative glass. We offer etched and decorative glass surfaces with a high quality value in several product variations:

DecorFlou® Classic is our acid etched glass, with anti-fingerprint and scratchproof properties, the ideal solution to match functional, aesthetic and privacy requirements;
For people who wish to embellish their shower stall with a decoration, the latest proposal is DecorFlou® Circle Fade, characterized by an etching that fades through a pattern of oval shapes,becoming transparent at the top. Alternatively, the numerous patterns of DecorFlou® Design or the simple decorations of DecorFlou® Window are dedicated to those who prefer easy and well-defined shapes.
The specialty glass DecorFlou® Gold, DecorFlou® Glossy and SolidLight® are the most popular solution for shower enclosures with a strong aesthetic effect, suitable mainly for hotellerie and contract.