stainless steel linear shower drain / mesh



  • Material:

    stainless steel

  • Other characteristics:



ABS shower channel with s/steel frame
A single product for both grids satin or tileable; adjustable frame in order to adapt to different tiles thickness; adjustable supports to ease the installation and to adapt the drain to eventual slab discrepancies.
1. stainless steel cover adjustable in height for tiles thickness from 15 to 25 mm;
2. tileable cover;
3. perimetric waterproofing;
4. removable trap for cleaning;
5. 35 mm water seal, water volume 40 lt/min;
6. reduced room under floor 75 mm;
7. adjustable supports to ease the installation;
8. mosaic version with cover setting from 8 mm minimum.

Sizes available:
- 300 mm
- 700 mm
- 800 mm
- 900 mm