contemporary bar stool / ash / metal / black



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  • Material:

    ash, metal

  • Color:



A historical event, the elimination of the Imperial gabelle in 802, inspires Lapo Ciatti for the design of his stool. According to legend, the origins of the Italian word for stool, sgabello, stems from the popular uprising, known as the “La grande sgabellata”, caused by the introduction of a gabelle that suddenly replaced the 17 gabelles that the Empire had only just abolished.
This curious philological interpretation originated Lapo Ciatti’s idea to transform the simple and popular medieval stool into an elegant and contemporary object.
Realized in two sizes, it is made in solid ash wood enriched by metal studs and footrest - in the higher version - hand forged.
Two are also the finishes available for structure and decorations; bleached or black painted olive ash wood to match with black nickel or 24 k gold details.
Degabello is certified by Cosmob as a guarantee of its durability and safety,

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