pendant lamp / contemporary / aluminum / steel



  • Type:


  • Style:


  • Material:

    aluminum, steel

  • Color:

    black, golden, brown, blue, silver


The suspended lamp designed by Lapo Ciatti, LAlampada, combines tradition and modernity. A lamp that, as the name suggests, does not need any great presentations thanks to its recognisable shapes. A "simple" spherical illumination device supported by a steel cable, LAlampada, probably is what each of us imagines thinking of a lamp.
A suspended lamp that does not hide all its strength thanks to the solid metal (aluminum or steel) with which the diffuser is made. A lamp that like all the other "essentials" of Opinion Ciatti (ILtavolo, LApanca, ILletto) can be customised to create exactly the LAlampada of your dreams. 213 colours of the RAL classic folder to choose from, with textural finishes (cement, bronze, cast iron) or sophisticated leaves (gold, silver, copper, black) to cover the aluminum diffuser. A surprising mirrored effect for finishes in chrome or gold for the version made of steel. Silver or gold, glossy or opaque depending on the finishing for the inner lining.
The minimalist design gives the possibility to personalised the furniture according to preferences and needs, that’s why LAlampada is ideal for enlightening offices or public open spaces, or any room in a home where you want to put an effective lighting system, characterised by aesthetic appeal. With the cable, long and thin, fixed to the ceiling rose (always coordinated with the finish), the lamp can be used in the center of a room or for specific corners and furnishings, such as the dining table or the desk.