contemporary chiffonier / lacquered MDF / white



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  • Material:

    lacquered MDF

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x1, x2, x3, x5. The 5blocks modules by Lapo Ciatti are exactly what they say they are: they are twice, thrice or five times the height of the smallest “block”, i.e. the starting block. Box blocks that are totally independent pieces but built so as to become one if placed side-by-side or stacked.

Containers in mdf with an unusual trapezoidal shape that one can combine according to need or taste. A collection of versatile and original volumes that are ideal to solve problems of space, thanks to their different depths, and designed to be hosted in any domestic environment. Candid white or covered with a sophisticated cement-effect finish, they can turn into an original chest of drawers or bedside table in the bedroom, or a TV stand or sideboard for the living room, or even a sinuous container/cupboard for the kitchen or entrance.

With deep drawers, with tilting or traditional doors, depending on the measurements, they are available in 4 heights (each the multiple of the previous) and, in the lower option, 4 lengths.