high-density polyethylene (HDPE) drainage board / polypropylene / protection / for vertical drainage
FKD 10 Optigrün International AG



  • Material:

    high-density polyethylene (HDPE), polypropylene

  • Function:

    protection, for vertical drainage

  • Applications:

    for green roofs


Optigrün Protection and Drainage Board FKD 10 is used as drainage beneath frequently used pathways and on vertical building components.

MaterialRecycled HDPE (napped sheet)
PP (fleece)
Filter fleece
PP thermally strengthened
flow rate with 100 mm water column 75 l/m² x s

Compressive strengthApprox. 400 kN/m² (40 t/m²) with 18%
compression (in accordance with DIN EN ISO 25619-2)
Water discharge capacity
(DIN EN ISO 12958)i = 0.02 (=2 % roof pitch): 0.45 l/(m*s)
Nominal thicknessapprox. 10 mm
Grammageapprox. 750 g/m² (total)