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Central speaker


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Ox-Home created a large range of designed loud-speakers that can adapt every kind of inside style. Basic, contemporary, baroque or ultra design modern, these loud-speakers will please everyone! These are loud-speakers on feet and their size is made-to-measure answering your needs to adapt any of your projects.

The different offered finishes will help you make the High Sound loud-speakers coincide with your decoration to create a cocoon where it is good to listen to music or TV. Different models will be suggested to be sure to find the one that will the most correspond to you but also to your decoration.

Ask a questionYou will find the Mirror Sounds that have a mirror finish for a perfect combination with your mirror screen! Then in another style more futurist and more original, you will find the loud-speakers with brushed aluminium finish. The High Sound will be suggested in different forms: round, rectangular or triangular, the High Sound loud-speakers match your tastes. Amaze your guests with these uncommon High Sound. Classy or filled with sobriety, you will fall in love with them…


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