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TG 63-150 Pagani

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penetrometer penetrometer - TG 63-150


Static and/or dynamic penetrometric tests in a single device

The TG 63-150 penetrometer can be configured on request to perform static penetrometric tests (CPT), or both static (CPT) and continuous dynamic (DP) penetrometric tests. As regards the dynamic tests, depending on the most commonly tested soil types, the penetrometer can be equipped with different hammer systems (DPSH super heavy, DPH heavy, or DPM medium). It also allows disturbed samples to be taken, as well as undisturbed samples which permit better stratigraphic interpretation. The TG 63-150 sets itself apart with its high energy efficiency. Indeed, around 78% of the energy is transmitted to the rods. It guarantees perfect verticality when driving in the rods. It reduces testing times by allowing the rods and their liner tubes to be driven into the ground at the same time. It makes removal of the entire rod possible. It features an anchoring system installed on the mast which allows machine positioning times to be significantly reduced, along with the stress when driving the test equipment into the ground.