domestic use ironing board



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    for domestic use


CACTUS is a real "ironic board"!

Function reaches the top when CACTUS is open thanks to its integrated sleeve board and its useful underlying plan.
When closed, it becomes a real design piece of furniture to be shown rather than hidden!
It is very easy to open and close it, thanks to the safety "clip" device; as much easy to move it, with its sphere at the base designed to move the product without lifting it.

The CACTUS arm becomes a convenient and functional sleeve board!

The LINING is available in the following colors:
GREEN - FUCHSIA - BROWN - BLUE (consult the catalogue for more information)

• phenolic plywood table top, especially resistant to heat and steam
• patented shape with integrated sleeve board
• cotton fabric + cotton terry with Velcro
• solid steel frame whose joint geometry is ultra-functional
• laser-made metal holes to disperse heat
• opening and closing safety device
• patented displacement system with sphere at the base

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