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    stone look


Paloformʼs cast concrete tiles are a transformative surfacing medium. They are perfect for modern fireplace design, but their applications go far beyond. Whether for cladding feature walls, flooring or tiled fireplaces, our aim is to provide design professionals, home and business owners with extraordinary design elements for creating transcendent spaces.

Our design philosophy revolves around honesty and simplicity: we present the concrete boldly and let the material speak for itself. With our tiles, we have captured the essence of concrete at its most refined, framing its organic character in crisp, linear forms. We create our tiles in geometries that balance size with delicacy, utilizing large formats and dynamic proportions.

Each concrete tile is cast individually by hand in our facility, just west of Toronto, Ontario. Our manufacturing process finds a balance between the intrinsic qualities of the material and the discriminating hand of the craftsman. This ensures not only the outstanding quality of the product, but that no two tiles are exactly alike. The natural colour variation within each tile, fluctuates from piece to piece resulting in rich, sophisticated installations that are unlike anything else.

Paloformʼs concrete tiles are cast in standard sizes that provide the flexibility to create minimalist claddings or sophisticated patterns. The unique formats are designed to work together or as fields of a singular size. Our tiles are available in any of our eight standard colours and a tactile, hand-buffed finish. Should you require a special size or unique pattern, we offer custom design and fabrication services.


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