door pull handle / aluminum / contemporary
MN2040 ZIG ZAG by Bjöm Dahbtröm PAMAR



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Opening and closing a door, or the door of a cabinet, is one of those gestures that belong to the everyday: maybe even a little ‘distracted. Yet, on reflection, it is not an action recently. It represents a moment of sublime crossing, across functions and locations, between a public and a private, between inside and outside. Not only that, the villager, holding a handle, can get in touch with the architecture that surrounds him, grabbing his hand and making it for a while. In this sense, there is a rich history of design of trespassing, the masters of which have signed small levers: focusing on the threshold of the project and drawing commas always different gloss smooth surface that hides the elsewhere. In short, the handle is not just an accessory, it is rather an accent! And then, making a leap in scale, you can imagine the significance that this emphasis can take when applied to the input port: an immense architecture perhaps, able to change the skyline of a city and change the morphological structure of a ‘ urban whole song, or just a small residential project, an architectural jewel of layout that breaks the routine of monotonous suburbs. Open and close a door becomes the switching on and off of the architecture itself, a magic moment. Pamar to these encroachments passionate design: if in fifty years of history have made experimentation and technological research of a sudden business essential, every time enhancing the relationship between form and function of the handle.