wood fiber panel / polyester / for interior
BUILD by Francesco Rota PAOLA LENTI



  • Material:

    in wood fiber, polyester

  • Applications:

    for interior


Build is a system of modular panels conceived to divide and equip interior spaces. The panels are covered with fabric; they can be fixed to the wall or tensioned between the floor and the ceiling; they can become freestanding compositions or create furniture pieces, structured as real architectures. The system elements can be complemented with shelves and cabinets. The series also includes false ceilings.
Structure: micro perforated wood fibre.
Padding: sound-absorbent in polyester fibre.
Upholstery: fixed fabric covering, available in the fabrics Piqué, Mood, Blend, Dots or Brio.
Shelves: natural, dyed in grigio ferro colour or matt lacquered wood.
Cabinets: natural, dyed in grigio ferro colour or matt lacquered wood; doors upholstery in Brio fabric.
Notes: the panels can be directly hooked to the wall by means of the fixing kit B94PG or by means of the structure B94PH, which allow for panel wiring. The wall panels can be completed with shelves and cabinets.
By fixing two panels to the two faces of the structure B94PL, double faced elements are made, which can create linear and corner compositions and be completed by shelves and cabinets. The bottom and top side of the panels are finished with profiles made of varnished aluminium.
The position of the shelves and the cabinets must be established during the design phase and communicated to the Company before production starts, to allow for the correct placement of the necessary bearing structures inside the panel.
Build panels are available in standard multiples, from a minimum width of 40 cm to a maximum of 120 cm, from a minimum height of 240 cm to a maximum of 300 cm.
The panels can be produced also in custom size.