contemporary sideboard / lacquered wood
EDEL by Francesco Rota PAOLA LENTI



  • Style:


  • Material:

    lacquered wood


Series consisting of bookcases and high and low cabinets; it also includes service tables available in the same finishes.
Structure: made of wood, matt lacquered in colours matching the colour of the fabric, or veneered in natural colour or dyed in grigio ferro colour, plastic spacers.
Doors and backs upholstery: Brio fabric.
Notes: the outer side of the backs can be either matt lacquered, veneered or covered with fabric. The inside part of the back is always covered with fabric.
The top compartment in the cabinet with four doors code B89L and in the side tables codes B89N and B89M is always covered with fabric.
Brio is an outdoor fabric featuring high tech performances; it is used for the interior since it does not absorb odors, it is easy to clean with steam and is available in very many different colour hues.