engineered parquet floor / glued / oak / natural oil finish
QUERCIA OLD "IL PODERE" Parchettificio Toscano Srl



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    natural oil finish


Species:Quercia Old IL PODERE" / Old Oak
Botanical name: Quercus Petraea (Matt) Liebl.
International names: Quercus Robur L. - English: European Oak - French: Chene Blanc Europeen - German: Eiche
Geographic origin: Europe
Texture: Coarse
Fibre: Straight, sometimes curved
Mass volume: at 12% humidity: 550 - 970 Kg/m3
Shrinkage: Average - high/li>
Nervosity: 0,26
Dimensional stability: Average - high
Suitability for use in bathrooms and on heated screed: Average
Brinell hardness test: Average - high
Durability (resistance to fungi and insects): Heartwood good. Sapwood poor.
Oxidisation: Average - Low
Varnishing:Good results, requires a large amount of undercoat.
Other aspects: Can become stained from contact with metal tools. Radial cutting may show fine core splits which are not considered as defects. Possible presence of tannins.

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