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hollow concrete block / for garden enclosures / for retaining walls / stone look



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for garden enclosures, for retaining walls

  • Options:

    stone look, interlocking


The product that started the retaining wall industry is still the industry leader for tall walls and critical structures. The Keystone Standard unit's depth provides unrivaled structural stability. From backyard landscaping to large, load-bearing reinforced structures, the Keystone Standard unit's face styles, colors and design possibilities make it a favorite of architects and engineers worldwide.

Crisp and distinctive, the straight split face effectively showcases the color within each unit
Installed with 1/2in diameter, pultruded fiberglass pins. Allowing for a near vertical or setback installation, Keystone interlocking pins improve interaction with geosynthetic textiles and feature 6,400 psi shear strength
Superposed webs make core-filling fast and complete, best-in-class weight and rounded grips make handling safer and easier
Low batter maximizes buildable site area
Made of durable concrete with iron oxide pigments that resist fading in extended UV exposure. Meets or exceeds applicable requirements of ASTM C1372