Solid brick / for facades
KOLUMBA™: K21 Petersen Tegl A/S


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    for facades


Kolumba™ - the avant-garde of bricks
Petersen Tegl introduces Kolumba™, a collection of handcrafted, horizontal building ceramics intended for masonry as well as for tiling.
Kolumba™ was developed in cooperation with Architect Peter Zumthor (CH) for the Kolumba Museum in Cologne, Germany.
The Kolumba™ brick measures L528 x B108 x H37 mm and is produced in 17 different colours. Furthermore Kolumba™ can be ordered in 13 standard colour mixtures as well as in customized sizes at extra charge.

Colour Yellow
Length 20.8 in
Width 4.3 in
Height 1.5 in
Bricks required 38
Weight each piece 4,0 kg
Weight per pallet Ca. 1050 kg.
Measurement per pallet 80 x 120 x 82 cm
Clay type German, yellow
Gross dry density 1800 kg/m3
Compressive strength ≥ 25 N/mm2 (normalized)
Water absorption 9 M-% (normally absorbent)
Mortar required 3 kg/brick


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