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The appearance of PILOMAT FLEX recalls the traditional metallic bollards but as it is made in deformable polyurethane, provides a cheaper alternative, with the added bonus of very low maintenance. In case of special events, PILOMAT FLEX can be easily and quickly removed, using the special tools for installation (supplied separately).

The fixed bollards PILOMAT FLEX CITY, designed specifically for urban areas, are available in two heights: 800mm – 1000mm and 2 diameters: 80mm – 130mm. PILOMAT FLEX CITY typically have two high-visibility reflective strips and two rings with reflective beads, one in the upper part and the other in the lower one.
Made with high quality polyurethane: PILOMAT FLEX CITY after being hit, run over and crushed by the car back to its original position;
The reflective strips and reflective beads help night driving;
The appearance of the various PILOMAT FLEX CITY emphasize the classical style and for that, are ideal for use especially in the Old Towns;
High corrosion resistance against chloride, calcium and other chemical elements, typically used in snowy areas;
PILOMAT FLEX CITY thanks to the special internal construction does not allow to be bent by hand, giving a more secure solution than competitive soft flex products.

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