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fiber cement cladding / smooth / sandblasted / panel


  • Material:

    fiber cement

  • Finish:

    smooth, sandblasted

  • Configuration:


  • Appearance:

    stone look, concrete look

  • Other characteristics:

    durable, insulated, custom, self-supporting, self-cleaning


Make up

External skin: Modified fibre mortar stabilizing components full body colour, Insulation layer type NEOPOR (BASF ) certificate EN 13163. External surface finishing available : smooth (standard finishing), on request Materique, rough, granular and type IS with photocatalysis surface behaviour strong self cleaning property.

Panel Specific thermal Conductivity
tipo PLUS 66 = 0,54 W/m2K

Water vapour permeability
the system is vapour permeable with open joint panel certified permeability valuee: µ=86

Water Absorption
under full water immersion after one hour less than 0,03 Kg/m2

Panel weight
the average weight is 20 Kg/m2

Resistance system under wind suction test
variable from min = 4897 N/m2 – to max = 8319 N/m2 – based on panel dimensions and type of joint “0” or “15”

Impact Resistance
comply category I e III ETAG 17 overlap the impact soft test 400 Joule and hard impact test 10 Joule see ETA evaluation document

Soundproofing Power:
Sound absorption minimum value= 7db