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fiber cement cladding / smooth / sandblasted / textured



  • Material:

    fiber cement

  • Finish:

    smooth, sandblasted, textured

  • Configuration:


  • Appearance:

    stone look, concrete look

  • Other characteristics:

    incombustible, custom, self-cleaning


Rock Metabio is a new entry in the Piz cladding system family. This panel comes after long term testing in our research and development lab. PIZ Rock Metabio is available in two different systems : PIZ standard 54 and PIZ H89. Thanks to the new insulation layer based on a high density wool rock board; this panel add more important features to our cladding systems products :

High rate of fire system resistance Euroclass A1
Good sound proof behavior 13 dB
high breathability of the system
Excellent environmental compatibility
Good thermal insulation λ = 0.036 W / mk