sofa bed / contemporary / fabric / wooden
DAY BED Plinio il Giovane



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    fabric, wooden

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The Brandina becomes a sofa
Fantasy and lightness are the ingredients of this most photographed of all our products in magazines. Each component of the DAY BED has been designed to be load-bearing. An amazing number of wooden joints are used to create a structure on which to attach from between one to four side panels to transform it from a bed to a sofa. The materials used for the padding are ecological, porous and lightweight. The fine textiles used for the covers are a natural linen-cotton mix. The frames are light but highly resilient. The overall design is aimed at providing a comfortable night’s sleep. Day Bed is a sofa but it is also a bed. You don’t have to worry any longer about falling asleep in the living room while watching the TV or reading a book.
Every piece of furniture is handmade, one at time.
We use pure linseed oil and natural pigments to finish all our products.
Adopting an age-old technique that prolongs the life of the product and at the same time renders it unique and one-off.
Personalised finishes to our products are also available for our loyal customers, using natural, eco-friendly materials.
Forty years of research into highly resistant and eco-friendly materials have resulted in our new collection of hard-wearing textiles, produced on the jacquard looms of the old master weavers of our region.
173 x 76 cm
213 x 76 cm
213 x 86 cm
Height 47 cm (seat) 83 cm (backrest) 68 cm (armrest)