traditional armchair / wooden / rocker / eco-friendly
DONDOLO Plinio il Giovane



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    rocker, eco-friendly


Dondolo… relaxing, just like a real holiday.
Memories of time past sitting in front of a replace listening to a tale being told or a fairytale read just before bedtime. Dondolo is the result of just a few essential elements, made from one single oil mould from the 50’s, to create a comfortable chair, just a little bit bigger than a normal chair but which takes up much less space than an armchair. The particular curved shape of the seat means that all the back muscles can relax so you can find the most comfortable position to read. The use of tenons, joints, wooden pegs and linseed oil means that the expert craftsman have been able to produce a light but extremely sturdy rocking chair. Pure linseed oil is used to treat the wood, to enhance the grain but also to make it water repellent as well as improve the gloss and generally prolong the life of the product.
Every piece of furniture is handmade, one at time.
We use pure linseed oil and natural pigments to finish all our products.
Adopting an age-old technique that prolongs the life of the product and at the same time renders it unique and one-off.
Personalised finishes to our products are also available for our loyal customers, using natural, eco-friendly materials.
Forty years of research into highly resistant and eco-friendly materials have resulted in our new collection of hard-wearing textiles, produced on the jacquard looms of the old master weavers of our region.
59 x 92 cm
Height 80 cm

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