Interior fitting decorative panel / wood / laminate / HPL


  • Type:

    for interior fittings

  • Material:

    wood, laminate, HPL

  • Finish:



  An expansive palette of eggshell colours (FA) that can be endlessly combined to allow to you create your own harmonies and compliment your own creations.

The neutral and natural colours bring a restrained elegance and a modern twist to timeless design projects. Bright or delicately coloured shades of white, as well as intense or muted tones ranging from natural beige to tan, produce a sleek and warm style.

With new shades added, The "Papago" palette puts the emphasis on colour: plums, violets and roses for a refined and floral touch; shades of cool and elegant blues, from turquoise to grey/petroleum blues; ochre tones, with delicious and sunny notes, from yellow mustard to caramel. Vivid or neutral shades that can be used to create stark contrasts or subtle tone-on-tone effects for either a soothing or dynamic environment.


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