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Entry door / sliding / security / automatic


  • Type:


  • Opening system:


  • Technical characteristics:

    security, automatic

  • Applications:

    for public buildings

  • Other characteristics:



TSA TOS door can make regulated entrances where it is required the use as U.S. (Safety Exit).
ANTI PANIC TOS telescopic automatic door is the best solution also for entrances where it is required a totally clear opening space. The use of TOS (Total Opening System) device inserted into rounded 50 mm accident prevention PONZI profiles is the right combination of elegance, functionality and security for every entrance or division.
The TOS system turns entrances into escape routes and emergency exit thanks to a simple manual pressure on any point of the door leaves, much more easily than with a standard anti panic big handle. When pushed, the doors open and swing outwards. This innovative device also allows a greater use of automatic telescopic doors in cases of large passage and in the presence of high flows of people. The restoration of the sliding operation of the doors takes place with repositioning of door leaves in the relative seats, with a simple manual pressure, quickly and safe.
PONZI telescopic doors are produced in accordance with the highest standards to meet even the heaviest operating conditions. They have a unique design and are equipped with an advanced operating system. The automation is easy to use and lends itself to meet the specific needs of the building where it is placed. The choice between MONOLATERAL and BILATERAL TSA TOS versions allows you to create multiple customized variants, favouring the movement of bulky materials, machinery, vehicles, furniture, stretchers, etc. The TOS device is certified by Ponzi and tested by the notified Giordano Spa Test Institute in Rimini.


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