air/water heat pump / commercial / for swimming pools / outdoor



  • Type:


  • Sector:

    commercial, for swimming pools

  • Installation:


  • Other characteristics:

    reversible, hybrid

  • Heat output:

    Min.: 21,010 W (71,689.06 BTU/h)

    Max.: 25,620 W (87,419.03 BTU/h)

  • Cooling power:

    Min.: 15,020 W (51,250.34 BTU/h)

    Max.: 18,060 W (61,623.25 BTU/h)


The new pump vertical heat in Poolex the Triline Premium is the model you need if you are looking for performance and professional effectiveness.

Compressor with its high performance and its double spiral exchanger titanium, the Triline Premium obtains a COP greater than 5 * by European standards.

Poolex also offers three hybrid models; he does -5 ° C or -15 ° C, the Poolex Triline Premium continues to operate where other heat pumps are switched off due to an integrated electric heater. The heater also helps boost the performance of your heat pump, especially early in the season. Find all the comfort and performance of two energies combined into a compact and intelligent unit.

With the new exchanger technology Twisted Tech © to twisted titanium coil, the growing pool temperature is even faster.

Its LCD control panel is deportable with its 10m extension.

Poolstar, some of the reliability of the Premium range, extends the warranty to 3 years and offers a home repair service under certain conditions.

Model sold only in stores