air/water heat pump / commercial / for swimming pools / outdoor



  • Type:


  • Sector:

    commercial, for swimming pools

  • Installation:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Heat output:

    Max.: 28,000 W (95,539.92 BTU/h)

    Min.: 2,800 W (9,553.99 BTU/h)

  • Cooling power:

    Max.: 20,100 W (68,584.01 BTU/h)

    Min.: 2,100 W (7,165.49 BTU/h)


Desiring to offer the best performance to its customers, Poolex designed a heat pump Jetline Premium with inverter technology.

With a high performance compressor with variable cycle and to a titanium double spiral exchanger, she gets a COP greater than 7.3 by European standards. *

The Jetline Premium Inverter has three operating modes:

An Eco Boost Mode (Inverter) allowing it to adapt its power and consumption as required; Maximum power early in the season to quickly warm the pool and low power consumption to maintain the temperature.
Eco a silent mode for economical operation and ultra quiet with a slow rotation of the fan.
And Cruise Mode (ON / OFF) consistent performance.
Its LCD control panel is deportable with its 10m extension

Poolstar, some of the reliability of the Premium range, extends the warranty to 3 years and offers a home repair service under certain conditions.

Model sold only in stores