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Discharge lamp moving head spot / spot / adjustable
XL 575 PR-2590 PR Lighting


  • Light source:

    discharge lamp

  • Beam type:


  • Other characteristics:



Key Features:
575W discharge lamp
CYM colour mixing + 6 dichroic colour filters + CTO filter(3200K)
5 rotating gobos +7 fixed gobos (all easily interchangeable)
1 replaceable bi-directionally rotating animation wheel
Motorized zoom 12° ~ 34° (8- or 16-bit)
DMX controlled, 2m~ infinity, linearly adjustable (8- or 16-bit) focus
Double strobe/shutter blades, 0.3~12 F.P.S
Linearly adjustable dimmer, iris
1x linear lens,1x3-facet prism (bi-directionally, rotatable) + 1 frost filter
Auto Pan/Tilt position correction, speed adjustable, with lock mechanism.
Ultra-quiet and smooth operation with advanced control technology
An energy saving design and the cooling system
Fault diagnosis system by sensors
Friendly LCD menu, fixture setup without main power
Isolating protection when ground is not connected


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