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Coffee table / contemporary / Plexiglas®


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An innovative series of décor objects and compliments. Tables, Chairs, Armchairs, Mirrors, and artwork reproductions made with the skilful use and combination of many different materials. Pregia is specialized in the working of various types of material and proposes not only objects but a complete line of design products for absolutely unique interiors.
The creativity and natural talent for experimentation that distinguishes Pregia is tangibly evident. The company’s décor articles are made in plexiglass, aluminum, glass, and iron and are personalized or personalizable through cutting and laser engraving, rasterizing, photoengraving, cutting, micro-cutting, and other techniques. The range of materials and working that give form to these design ideas is virtually amazing and stimulates free creativity in designing countless décor objects and complements. The Line’s eclecticism permits applications in clothing and footwear stores, showrooms, offices, technical studios, even use in the home as interior décor complements.


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