wooden cladding / smooth / panel
WAF Winner- THE CARVE, OSLO - A-lab Architects PRODEMA



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The carve, located in Oslo, is a building designed by the Norwegian group a-Lab, an international architectural office, located in the same city, which aims to create innovative and sustainable architecture. The building is part of the project known as Barcode, it has 15 floors, of which the first 8 floors are used for offices and the remaining floors are used for the 41 apartments.As the creators say, this building gives a unique opportunity to "live on the rooftop of Oslo". This is because at the heart of the building we find a spectacular terrace, equipped with benches and window boxes, forming a physical barrier between the office and residential space , where the roof of the terrace is the building itself and has a pixilated form where the apartments are locatedThis “indoor” terrace measures 900 m2 and has a panoramic view of Oslo, where the Prodema ProdEX panels in Rustik color are the protagonist creating a perfect contrast with the building’s marble covering. In addition to perfectly withstanding the harsh Nordic winter it gives the terrace a warm natural touch.