video corpo

contemporary visitor chair / with armrests / upholstered / cantilever



  • Style:


  • Options:

    with armrests, upholstered, cantilever, on casters, ergonomic

  • Material:

    fabric, leather, metal

  • Color:

    blue, black, white, multi-color, red, gray, green, pink, anthracite, brown, orange, yellow, beige, violet, sand


AcosPro is a modernized version of the well-known and valued Acos conference chair. This can function successfully almost anywhere - whether in a conference room, company office or government office. Thanks to its light form, delicate cross-sections and precision, the chairs still look elegant in the rooms of high-level managers. The chair attracts attention through its simple but effective form. The chair is manufactured from the highest quality materials, and thanks to the use of thin and delicate sections the design maintains a subtle character. The armrests are parallel to the floor, to guarantee a comfortable and beneficial position.