recessed ceiling spotlight / indoor / LED / round



  • Type:

    recessed ceiling

  • Location:


  • Light source:


  • Shape:


  • Material:


  • Other characteristics:

    orientable, dimmable


One look, boundless possibilities: INVADER is the master of customisation. Easy to configure and tailor to any individual situation, technically sophisticated and visually identifiable, INVADER offers a flexible custom solution for every requirement. These spotlights owe their superb visual comfort to the interplay between a high-precision, deeply recessed reflector and a KORONA CONE in front of it. The KORONA CONE in these lights is visible from the exterior and can be personalised in a range of colours. Simply switch on the lights for a real wow effect: the coloured cone reflects the light in such a way that it appears to be lit from within. The KORONA CONES can also be replaced after installation, for example to change the colour.

INVADER SMALL is ideal for use in private rooms or situations such as restaurants and hotels. This delicate spotlight is available as a recessed version and is ideal for any lighting situation. The choice of the right reflector angle means that desks, for example, can be perfectly illuminated. The adjustable spot system allows up to 180° of rotation and 15° of tilt. The 13 mm deep cone is typical of INVADER SMALL ADJUSTABLE and sets the reflector well back in the luminaire. These luminaires can be finished in 25 PROLICHT colours on request.