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TIMES LED 60X85 psmlighting



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    home, for offices, for shops, for public spaces


These timeless rigid ledprofiles exist in 2 versions: suspension or ceiling light.

The housing is available in 3 different colors: white texture, black texture and anodised aluminium.

There are 2 different types of housing:
1)WxH: 45x45mm:
SUSPENSION LIGHT: fixation against the ceiling by means of a build-up base (driver included) with power supply and 2 steel cables (see picture)
CEILING LIGHT: driver not included - to be put at distance

2)WxH: 45x65mm:
SUSPENSION LIGHT: driver included in the profile with ledstrip and fixation on the ceiling with 2 separate steel cables and a build-up base in the middle.
CEILING LIGHT: driver included in the profile with ledstrip

The ledstrips inside are available in NW (natural white) 3000K or CW (cool white) 4000K and on demand also in TW (tunable white) 3000K-6000K

Tunable white is mainly used in professional applications. The lightcolor and colour rendering are decisive for the perception of quality of products and materials.
The collection in stores changes regularly and therefore it is advisable to use lighting with changeable colour temperature.

Times is available in different sizes from 850mm to 3090mm.