solid parquet floor / glued / oiled / tile
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The collection signed by Quadrolegno draws inspiration from the spectacular CHÂTEAUX OF THE LOIRE VALLEY, more than 300 historical magnificence built from the X century, placed in the beautiful Loire Valley, in the center of France, that were in the past the summer residence of the transalpine kings, who saw in these bucolic lands an ideal environment to rest and enjoy themselves. They were refined places, with stretches of water and luxuriant gardens that recreated noble harmonies perfectly surrounded by nature.

"I CASTELLI" is a collection distinguishable for the personalization of shapes and materials with the possibility to mix various kinds of wood, change their design, realize prototypes on demand, add marbles and metals, choosing among the several patinas of our wide range.

"I CASTELLI" collection includes various types of design that you can customize using one of 3 available processing options:

at sharp edge: each piece that forms the panel is at right-angle (only for solid wood);
tumble finished: each piece that forms the panel is worked one by one to age it and the borders are cleaved to provide it an antique effect (manufacturing in the multilayer is less evident);
beveled: all single elements that form a panel are beveled on all edges. In the multilayer bevel is more light comparing to elements in solid wood.


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