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hot water radiator / metal / contemporary / wall-mounted
SENSA Quinn Radiators



  • Type:

    hot water

  • Finish:


  • Style:


  • Other characteristics:

    wall-mounted, horizontal


The Sensa radiator is our leading product in terms of maximising all the elements of our HQO technology. Its high output and quality production makes it the best choice for long-lasting quality, low maintenance, easy to clean, not to mention the exceptional outputs making it the most cost and energy efficient radiator available.

The Sensa delivers reliable comfort and is fully compatible with low-temperature heating systems so no matter what temperature the boiler is set to, or whether you use it in conjunction with air source and ground source heat pumps, you can still maintain a cost-effective and warm home. The high outputs mean you need to oversize your radiators less, if at all, leaving more room in your home for your belongings. The universal design allows you to install it as a Round Top or a Seam Top radiator depending on the desired look. The Sensa radiator comes without any side panels or grilles so there are no removable parts and no obstacles for the heat to circulate so will have the quickest warm-up time and highest outputs of all our radiators.