electric radiator / stone / contemporary / vertical
DEKO by Favata & Forloni Radialight



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    vertical, wall-mounted


Enhanced with a ground stone-like surface, the DEKO electric radiator is characterised by its slender shape, just 43 cm wide, 120 cm high, and 8 cm thick, perfectly proportioned to make it a great design piece, with an aesthetic impact, in your home.

DEKO is not just a radiator with a sophisticated design, above all it is about modern technology at your service. The DUAL-THERM infrared red radiation and natural convection heating system, will be able to give a heating sensation beyond compare, that is long-lasting, pleasing, and embracing.
DEKO contains DUEL-THERM technology, that is, two different heating systems in a single product: An aluminium element makes it possible to reach the required comfort level in the room quickly, as well as reacting quickly to fluctuations in temperature. A radiant element ensures that the front surface transmits constant, even heat, by radiation.

The electronic thermostat provides intelligent heat management, automatically reducing consumption when the temperature reaches the required level.