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Home automation system control keypad / wall-mounted
RCM-030 Rako Controls


  • Use:

    for home automation systems

  • Installation:



The RCM-030 wireless push button control module gives open, stop and close control for curtains, blinds & projector screens and is used with the Rako RACUB module or RAK4-R.

RCM wireless control modules have a new 'hard button' design and are styled to match the WCM wired control panels. RCM units are modules only and always require a front plate kit either RVF (screw-fixing) or RLF (screwless). Single gang RVF front plate kits have surface mount options. RLF and double gang options are for flush mounting only. 

The panel has addressing switches on the back to setup rooms and houses. Setting two panels with the same addresses allows two way control within a room. Panels are battery powered with battery life calculated as being 3 years, based on pressing a button 30 times a day.

Externally powered versions of the panels are available.


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