slate cladding / natural / cassette / concrete look
DYNAMIC Rathscheck Schiefer



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    concrete look

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The attractive optics of rubble masonry will be obtained through irregular sequence of bundle rows of variable height. The repetition of the vertical joints in form of a raster will be also prevented, in order to create a wild bond. An extremely animated cladding design arises. Individual, powerful and full of natural beauty. The diversity of every single cap-stone enables an effective play of light on the façade depending on the position of the sun and the weather conditions.The evolvement creative possibilities.The dynamic cladding is a cladding method developed specially for modern architecture. Its non-uniform covering artwork reminds of the optics of rubble masonry and develops perfectly the true-borne natural power of natural slate. Predestined to provide houses and buildings with the attraction of something special.

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