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    roof tile look


Established from the charm of the middle-age natural slate coverings for representative buildings, the decorative covering methods mean timeless elegance for the dream houses of today. Numerous design versions can be realized with pointed angles, fishscales, honeycombs, octagons and coquettes.Pointed angles belong to the classics among decorative coverings, which can be laid also onto the roof. They can be encountered often on roofs of time-honoured mansions and villas.Attractive highlights.Experienced slaters understand how to emphasize the natural characteristics of a natural slate covering with clever accentuations. In every case confide in a skilled slater. Because only he is aware of natural slate handicraft and he knows how to awake the beauty in the natural slate.The decorative covering methods enable individual possibilities, which evolve the entire beauty of the natural product slate. The variegated shapes of the cap-stones create independent covering designs full of character. Especially on façades the decorative coverings evolve the entire beauty of the natural slate.

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