slate cladding / natural / cassette / concrete look
DECORATIVE RIBBON Rathscheck Schiefer



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    concrete look

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Ornamental chains set harmonic accents and turn the natural slate façades into an eye-catcher. These prefabricated design elements are extremely economic to lay and simple to handle.For the natural slate façade cladding there is an innovation from Rathscheck, which significantly eases the accentuation with decorating tapes and considerably reduces the costs. The custom-fit manufactured samples save lots of time, because the pre-design and the definition of the stone geometry are not applicable. Four different variants of the ornamental chains are available, which provide every façade with a breeze of creative uniqueness despite the mechanically prefabricated natural slates. Whether dynamic or straight, for every taste there is something. Big façade surfaces can be designed optically loosened and varied by the laying of decorative ribbons. The exactly prefabricated natural slates with defined height and side overlapping and the functionally correct perforation minimize the material demand. Entanglements do not occur, because the local finishing is not necessary anymore.

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