combined power sweeper-scrubber / ride-on



  • Type:

    combined, ride-on


Combo, the latest generation combined unit, arises from the philosophy of RCM, which, for over 40 years, has been manufacturing all of its sweepers with frontal operator positions and natural driving, thanks to the front directional wheel which ensures a maximum visibility, manoeuvrability and safety.
COMBINED mode (sweep-wash-dry): the two powerful and hydraulically controlled counter-directional roller brushes simultaneously sweep and wash any type of dirt on any type of flooring. The curved rear squeegee collects the dirty water, leaving the floor perfectly SWEPT, WASHED and DRIED.
SWEEPING mode: sweeps dry flooring using the two powerful counter-directional roller brushes, which are capable of collecting any type of waste off the floor and conveying it into the rear hopper.
There are two options available for dust elimination:
Turn on the filtration system, which eliminates fine dust particles of up to PM10
Control the dust using the water spray system