wall-mounted dehumidifier / floor / commercial
DA 701/1001/2001 RDZ S.p.A.


  • Installation:

    wall-mounted, floor

  • Sector:



DA 701/1001/2001 dehumidifier for radiant heating and cooling systems for floors, ceilings and walls is suitable for commercial applications. Summer operation is combined with a radiant cooling system or at least a system operating with water at 15°C. The galvanized steel casing of the unit contains a set of finned coils for air treatment, a refrigeration circuit for dehumidification, an air intake filter, a condensation trap, an air supply fan and a PCB. DA 701/1001/2001 dehumidifier is equipped with a display showing the different operation icons. The supply vent air temperature and other parameters can be also read and set, while input/output stata and any alarms can be displayed and managed.