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Prestressed concrete beam / rectangular / for bridge construction


  • Material:

    prestressed concrete

  • Cross section:


  • Applications:

    for bridge construction


The road bridges are categorised according to 3 classes, depending on their lane width and their purpose:
- 1st class: bridges supporting carriageways of usable width ≥ 7 m and their access ramps
- 2nc class : bridges supporting two-lane carriageways of lane width comprised between 5.50 m and 7 m, boundary values excluded
- 3rd class: bridges supporting one or two-lane carriageways of lane width <= 5.50 m

Beam bridges with prefabricated beams prestressed by adhesion of the PRAD type , with or without exceptional loads, with or without military convoys

Height of beams: PR = 40 to 80 cm
IC = 75 to 90 cm
Spans up to 24 m


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